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Some readers no doubt are astonished by the things I have written about Buddhism things that have been divinely revealed to me, though never said by anyone before. It is merely a matter of timing that has prevented God from making these things clear before. For a long time darkness and ignorance have prevailed, but a great transition into an age of brilliant sunlight, driving away the dark, is approaching. Even in the age of darkness, of course, the light of the moon enabled people to discern things to a certain extent, and they were grateful for such small mercies. I refer to the teaching of Buddhism.

Yet moonlight is only about one-sixtieth the power of sunlight, too dim to make things clearly visible. Thus throughout the period of darkness, human beings were deluded, unable to live in peace and tranquility since neither religion nor anything else was clearly discerned. But when it is day, everything on Earth is clearly revealed in the light of the sun and nothing is obscure, so that it is perfectly natural that I, who se taskis to create a"civilization of day," should understand all things.

What, exactly, is my relation to the world of day? Within my body resides a ball of light what was known from ancient times as the Cintamani jewel. I have already made this fact known, but here I shall deal with the light itself in detail. It has been thought that the light is the radiance of the sun, but this is mistaken. It is in fact a close conjunction of the light of the sun and the moon. Its fundamental nature is a union of the two extreme elements of fire (sun) and water (moon). As long as it resides in my body, the soil element of my flesh is added to those two elements, thus completing the three-in-one triad of fire, water, and soil. In saying this, I do not imply that ordinary people are made up entirely of the soil element. They too have light, though it is small and weak. My light, however, is much larger than that of ordinary people. It may be tens of thousands or millions of times larger, or so infinitely larger that it defies the imagination. When worn on the person, the three kinds of focal points, bearing the characters for light, divine light and great divine light, immediately manifest healing powers radiated by the light of their written characters. In writing them, I neither pray nor do anything out of the ordinary. I merely write them, one at a time, at a great speed: it takes about seven seconds to write one, and I can easily write five hundred in an hour. Each of those pieces of paper is capable of curing tens of thousands of people. Though I may give them to hundreds of thousands of people, their effectiveness remains unchanged. In other words, the power of the light I possess is inconceivably great.

Since I possess such power, it is unlikely that I should fail to understand anything. As our members well know, no matter what I am asked, I am never at a loss for an answer. Sometimes suffering people in places far removed from me telegraph asking for blessings, and many of them receive curative aid from me by doing no more that that. As soon as I hear of their plight, a part of the light within me breaks off and connects with them. The light travels through spiritual cords to bring them assistance. Since this light can be multiplied tens of thousands of times and radiate as far as necessary to make such connections, it is extremely precious. In simpler terms, what radiates from me could be called "light bullets," except that, unlike ordinary bullets, they do not kill but give life.

This general explanation deals with only a part of my power; to explain all of it would be difficult Even so, it will be enough to make people open their eyes and observe the work I do in the future. Any person of intelligence will be able to understand to some extent. In religious terms, people vary in their "spiritual awareness," and if believers purify their bodies and souls wholeheartedly so that they are free of clouds, they will be spiritually enlightened and accurately comprehend my great power.



May 25, 1952



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