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I consider this an unusual title for an article, as I am sure the reader does. In order to explain it, I must now give a psychological account of myself. I should say in advance that my chief aim here has been to view the workings of my inner mind objectively and without the least deception: I hope the reader will keep this in mind.

The words savior and messiah have been used at all periods throughout the East and the West. Yet, with the exception of a few people of special religious faith, the majority of humankind has always regarded the birth into the world of the long-awaited, supernaturally powerful savior as no more than an ideal hope, a great dream. Those who have claimed to be saviors themselves have vanished with the passing of time. Clearly, no true savior has yet appeared.

Though I am not fond of calling myself the savior, I must confess that I cannot definitely deny that I am. The appearance of a savior is of unprecedented importance in the history of humankind and, obviously, must not be discussed lightly. Nor can one regard it simply as an ideal: one must believe that it will take place sooner or later, since the sages of the ancient past have prophesied it in such various forms as the coming of the Messiah, the Second Coming of Christ, and the birth into the world of the Bodhisattva Maitreya as the next Buddha.

To turn then, to my own psychology: for a long time I have thought that the primary condition for a savior is the ability to solve the problems of human illness. The greatest quality of a savior is to be endowed with an absolute method for perfecting human health and allowing people to live their heaven-appointed life spans, plus the power to put that method into actual practice. Of course, the physical health must be accompanied by mental health.

In a famous passage, Jesus of Nazareth made this clear when he asked what it would profit a person to gain the whole world and lose his life. In this connection, I have always held that the value of a religion or a religious leader is clearly limited if the power to eliminate sickness is lacking.

One day, over a decade after I first entered the life of faith, I came to understand the fundamental principle of illness and the method for dealing with it. The surprise and joy I felt at that time is unimaginable. Among all the peoples of the world, no one has ever made so great a discovery as this. No other discovery or invention is in any way comparable with it; I must indeed have been born with a miraculous destiny.



October 20th, 1948



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