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I have been working on the church's teachings for more than ten years; needless to say, all have been centered on the subject of spiritual truth. I have taken great care to write in a simple style, leaving out archaic or moralistic statements so my words can be easily understood by people of all walks of life.

Old, orthodox religious teachings are fine, but at best they have a mysterious air which makes the teachings ambiguous and therefore hard for readers to grasp in their true, deeper meanings. Of course, this gives an im pression of great value and dignity, but since they contain quite a few parts which are hard to interpret, different individuals may make different explanations of them.

This is often the reason such religions have been split into sects and denominations. The larger a religion is, the more easily it can be divided, an d this inevitably causes the subsequent smaller groups to fight one a nother, as history shows. This has made it very difficult for followers of such religions to grasp the essence of their teachings. It has often brought about a wavering in their faith, and many have found it hard to attain firm spiritual conviction and peace of mind.

This being the case, it appears that it would be almost impossible to a chieve harmony and unification within even one church by following the old methods of teaching, to say nothing of achieving harmony and unification among all in this way. Perhaps this fact is the reason for the appearance of new religions every year. In Japan alone, for example, their number is increasing in ratio to the growth of the population.

Every religion has its own object of worship, carrying any one of sev eral names, such as Jehovah, Deus, Logos, Lord, the Boundless, Amaterasu-Oomikami, Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Amitabha, and Kannon (Avalokiteshvara). These are all very high divine beings or buddhas; there is no doubt about that. Also, there are some Japanese religions in which certain kinds of deified animal spirits are worshiped. Aside from these lower types, all other worshiped beings, when traced back to their origins, are found to have come indisputably from the Only One, the Supreme God.

Up to now, however, almost every religion has insisted that it was the most spiritual and the only true faith, and there has been an altitude of exclusiveness. This is why the uniting of religions could not possibly have been achieved in the past. And yet, the final goal, the ideal of every religion is the realization of earthly paradise, a world of eternal happiness. All faiths that have ever existed have unanimously wished for and strived to attain true and everlasting happiness for all humanity; there has never been any religion which has worked toward an opposite goal.

In order that such a world may become a reality, however, there must come into being a spiritual movement that can unify all the faiths of the world, one that is so powerful spiritually all of the earth's people will accept and believe its teachings.

I am not going to say that such is our Church of World Messianity. However, I will state that it is the mission of our church to teach the way, the method by which a unified world can be established, and to show how such a plan can be drawn up and carried out. As the individuals who come to have true perception of our mission increase in number among the intelligent members of races all over the world, we can make steady progress, step by step, toward our goal. In a nutshell, our work is to impart a realization of Truth through which all the errors of the Old Age will be clearly revealed and corrected, and a world of Light, serene and pure, will become a reality. Then, needless to say, all evil will be eliminated from man's heart, and good, which has been oppressed for so long, will come to the fore so all humanity will come to enjoy true happiness and fulfillment. The first important step toward such a goal is to awaken all the people of the world to Truth for the New Age.

The work I am now doing can be said to be a demonstration of Truth in action. I am in the process of moving toward that goal and I am doing my very best to awaken people through my writings and lectures.



September 25th, 1951



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