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Meishu-Sama was born in Tokyo, in 1882, at a time when Japan was in the process of embracing the ideas, science, and technology of the West in an effort to transform itself into a modern nation.

The period from the late-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century was fraught with worldwide unrest, wars, economic crises and other calamities. Master Jinsai was therefore confronted with the fact that material prosperity does not necessarily lead to human happiness. It was in nature that He subsequently discovered the principIes on which to create an ideal civilization, and it was from nature that He learned the underlying causes and the effects of the problems facing the human race. He also learned that humankind is now at a major turning point, and that in the future, a new civilization - a world of art imbued with truth, virtue, and beauty coexisting in perfect harmony - will emerge. This will be a civilization that will surpass all those that the human race has striven so diligently to build throughout history.

This realization inspired Meishu-Sama to take on the creation of a new civilization as His personal mission. He formulated a philosophy that would become the foundation of the new civilization; and in the forms of Shinsenkyô and Zuiunkyô He constructed physical representations, or prototypes, that manifest the fundamental principIes of the objective of His philosophy, the creation of a world of beauty. With the intention of expanding these prototypes, Master Jinsai instituted activities in three major areas: Johrei (an art of life); Nature Farming and natural foods (an agricultural art); and art and culture (the art of beauty). He set forth instructions for unifying these three areas of activity and for expanding the level of their application from that of individuals to that of families and, ultimately, to the entire world. Thus, during His lifetime, Master Jinsai established a firm foundation for the creation of a new civilization.




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