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That was the name used by Great Master to develop His work on non-agrotoxic natural farming.

Although Master Okada conceived a method of farming without fertilizer and established its techniques during the 1930´s, a general movement for this type of agriculture came about only after World War II. In December 1948 the first issue of the monthly magazine Heaven on Earth appeared. In it Okada published an article titled "Cultivation without fertilizer",under the name Shin-no-sei. Afterward, special issues on farming appeared from time to time. Efforts were made to popularize the method, and gradually it spread throughout the country.

Since October 1950 this new technique has been known formally as Nature Farming. In December 1953 the Nature Farming Society was established to disseminate information about Nature Farming independent of the religious movement. At that time Okada composed a series of twenty-seven verses under the title: "Staff of Life". Two of them read:


Since long ago

Farmers have been respected

As treasures of the land,

But true help for rural people

Is only beginning now.


To use a shallow

Bit of science

To probe something as deep

As the mystery of the Earth

Is certain stupidity.



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