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On June 5 the heads of churches and other important gathered at Meishu-Sama´s Minaguchi-cho residence in Atami. Though very brief, it was their first meeting with Okada since his stroke in April. He said: "All the mysterious phenomena transforming my body signify the birth of a messiah, a lord of salvation. This is not mere conjecture but a fact. I myself was strange feeling after having become so old. It is interesting that my skin has become soft, like a baby´s. And you can see for yourselves that my hair is becoming to resemble that of a blacker. My barber said my hair is beginning to resemble that of a child. The white is gradually disappearing, becoming black...

Messiahship is the highest spiritual office. In the West a person of such rank is referred to as a king of kings. My appearance signifies salvation for humanity. This salvation will be a great event."

On June 15, 1954, just ten days after the June 5 meeting, a ceremony to commemorate Master´s new spiritual office was celebrated at the Hall of Worship, which was then virtually complete. Master´s condition, however, was not encouraging, and it was only with help that He was able to mount the podium.

Because it was Meishu-Sama´s first public appearance in two months, more than ten thousand people gathered from all over Japan to attend the ceremony. He dressed completely in white that day and for the first time since His illness was able to greet the followers briefly. During the two months since His purification, Master Jinsai has become fully aware both of His role as a Lord of Salvation and that it was time to reveal Himself to the world. People around Him considered the lines that had appeared on His hand and the changes in His hair to be the physical signs of His new spiritual office. For about two months after the ceremony, He occasionally referred to Himself as a Messiah, thus making the appearance of a Lord of Salvation known to the world.



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