Master Jinsai´s Manifestations



During His life, Meishu-Sama has used many names, according to the epoch´s occasion and using.

Owing to the ready wit and skill that Master Jinsai showed, Onissaburo Deguchi gave Him the nickname Assanebo Kiguetsu (Late-Sleeping Bright-Moon). He presided at poetry meetings and was responsible both for choosing the best verses and for presenting His own compositions. Later, when He tried to reform Himself of sleeping late in the mornings, He changed His nickname to Akegarassu Aho (Dawn-Crow the Fool), and He claimed that this helped teach Him to get up early.

To the poems, He used the artistic name of Akemaro , a referency to the Emperor Akihito.

Until 1934, when Meishu-Sama left Oomoto, he used the art name Kigetsu , which means "the sun and the moon" and may be taken as a graceful name symbolizing the working of Kanzeon Bossatsu (Avalokiteshvara). After 1934, He used the name Jikan

Starting in 1934, Meishu-Sama no longer used His Kiguetsu signature and started to use the name Jinsai on the texts related to Johrei and the medical treatments and Jikan on the calligraphies painted by brush. The followers, who untill then called Him Sensei (Master), started to call Him Dai Sensei (Great Master).

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