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Who is Master Jinsai?

Jinsai is one of the pseudonyms of Meishu-Sama, the Creator of the process of purifying the spirit (JOHREI), and builder of the model of the New Civilization. He was a religious scientist and specialist in many fields, such as Art, Politics, Religion, Economy, Society, Alternative Medicine, Agriculture, etc.

To know more about Him, refer to section Meishu-Sama.


Which are the basic points taught by Master Jinsai?

Master Jinsai considers the following as the basic points of His Teachings: Johrei, Nature Farming and appreciation of high-level Art and Beauty. He taught us that these are the three basic principles for the current man to become the man of the New Civilization, the World of Miroku. If these principles are followed correctly, anyone will free his or her life from the three great misfortunes: disease, poverty and conflict.


What is Johrei?

It´s the channeling of the Divine Light through the palm of the hands. In its essence, it means "purification of the spirit" (JOH = purification, REI = spirit).

Johrei is formed by the trilogy fire, water and soil, being the fire the main element. The union of those three elements generates a great purifying power of the impurities, both physical or spiritual. Furthermore, it raises the natural ability of the body to recover itself. As such, it is important a constant study to know where the toxins accumulate in the body, which varies according to the disease or problem.

To know more, refer to section Johrei, in Teachings.


To receive Johrei, is it necessary to join the religious institution?

Nothing stops the receiving of the Divine Light. Anyone can search for a place where Johrei is channeled and receive it without any kind of commitment. However, to channel it, it is necessary to undergo the Basic Course and receive the Ohikari, the medal which inside is written the word Hikari (Light) by Master Jinsai. With it all the followers can receive the Divine Light and channel Johrei.

However, even if someone receives the Ohikari, there´s no need to quit the previous faith, as Johrei is a method of salvation regardless of religion.


Which are the principles of Nature Farming?

This kind of farming consists in making the soil manifests its own strenght without putting any kind of agrotoxic. This way, all Nature things are created with the strenght of the trilogy fire, water and soil. In a analog way, the essence of fire is oxygen, the esence of water is hydrogen and the essence of soil is nytrogen. God, then, made the world in a way where the cereals and the vegetables could be producted in the right quantity, and there´s no reason to be off of foods. If that occurs, it´s only because there is some mistake in actions and conduct of man, who is far way from the Nature Truth.

For more information, refer to section Agriculture, in Teachings.


Why does Master Jinsai considers Art as one of the three basic principles of His philosophy?

In the words of Master Jinsai: "The mission of the Art is to dignify man´s feelings and to enrich his life, giving it happiness and a meaning”. (January 25th, 1949). As such, Art has the purpose to raising the spirit in a celestial way, obtaining a spiritual connection with the artist, reaching high levels of consciousness. That´s why it is important for an artist to be a highly spiritual person, because, on the contrary, Art would degrade society.

Teachings about Art can be referred here.


How can I have a better understanding of the Teachings of Meishu-Sama (Master Jinsai)?

The site constantly releases some of the Master´s Teachings. However, to obtain a better understanding, we strongly recommend to buy the books existing in the many organizations which follow the Master´s philosophy. Such Teachings must be treated with all due respect, never putting anything on top of them, and should be read constantly, both with the mind as with the heart, because they also make increase the strength of our spirit. Besides, in them one can find explanations for the greater part of our doubts, and this is the reason why the Teachings should be well assimilated by everyone.


With what feeling should I receive the Ohikari and channel Johrei?

The most important is to first think in the salvation of your neighbor, leaving your own interests to a second level. There is a difference between the power of Johrei of those who only want to obtain personal merits and those who have the strong wish to save others.

Anyway, making efforts to save others, we will be receiving many Divine blessings and improving our own destiny.



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