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The purpose of the site is to present the Divine Program Process prepared by the Great Master Jinsai (pseudonym of Meishu-Sama – Mr. Mokiti Okada) for the construction of the New Civilization, the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth or World of Miroku.

Being in accordance with the universal principles preached by Mokiti Okada and believing that the Master´s legacy belongs to mankind as a whole, the site endeavours to spread His ideas through this digital media. Through the organization of the vast material delegated by the Master, it wishes to provide a greater knowledge of its principles for the Salvation of Mankind.

Within the same universal principle, the site does not represents any specific institution.

As explained in the Disclosure section, Jinsai, whose meaning is “Mercy and purity of heart to worship God”, was the name used by Meishu-Sama to sign texts focusing on Johrei (Joorei / Purification Therapy). It was due to the great importance of this means of salvation, the most important of the Three Columns – Johrei , Nature Farming and Beauty – that the name of this site was chosen. For the same reason the initial page bears the photograph of Meishu-Sama channeling Johrei. Also, the signature present in all headings.

As such, we humbly hope that the graces from the Teachings of Supreme God fall from heaven and form an ocean of unlimited blessings. Team


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